Move and Organize for Jira

Move and Organize for Jira


Gain better visibility of your large-scale projects with a structured Jira hierarchy view! Edit issue details and status directly within the hierarchy view to update your plan on-the-fly.

With the Jira hierarchy view you can quickly navigate within the work breakdown structure (Jira WBS) to specific areas of interest in your project plan. Real-time Jira filtering capabilities allow you to quickly identify and highlight issues that match the criteria you are looking for.

Move and Organize comes with native support for Advanced Roadmaps (projects with more than 3 Jira hierarchy levels).

Overview your projects with visual trees

Get full visibility of even your large-scale projects and create a Jira WBS easily using our multi-level interactive tree editor. With zoom support, keyboard shortcuts and smooth scrolling navigation becomes a breeze!

Jira hierarchy levels and project WBS
Jira filtering

Real-time filtering and update on-the-fly

Reduce the amount of tasks presented on the screen while maintaining the Jira hierarchy in view using the real-time filtering and color highlighting feature. Update issue fields and status on-the-fly directly within the tree view

Drag and drop to bulk move issues anywhere

Intuitive Drag-to-Move action and the ability to select and move multiple tasks and their respective children to any new destination and Jira hierarchy level within the project - quickly promote/demote Advanced Roadmaps nodes

Jira bulk move

Product details

Move and Organize is an add-on application that extends the capabilities of your Atlassian Jira. It can be installed directly through the Atlassian Marketplace listing.

Jira features

  • Advanced Roadmaps native support
  • Read and list issues according to hierarchy structure
  • Create new issues - with the ability to create multiple new tasks easily in sequence
  • Edit various issue fields and status
  • Move issues - single or recursively. Multiple issues can be selected in one operation (quick Jira bulk move)
  • Remove issues - single or recursively

Tree hierarchy (WBS) features

  • Fast 2D tree engine enabling your Jira hierarchy to be rendered in a work breakdown structure (WBS) layout
  • Automatic loading of child tasks when you expand nodes
  • Scrolling - using mouse, keyboard, touchpad and/or touch depending on your system capabilities
  • Zooming - native browser support

Filtering features

  • Real-time Jira filtering of nodes based on matching search queries
  • Automatically minimizes the tree according to filter results
  • Automatic color highlighting of nodes


Move and Organize has been developed following industry best-practices on cloud security. As Move and Organize is built with the Atlassian Forge platform, it also means that it is hosted directly by Atlassian and operates within the security context of your existing Jira cloud instance and related Atlassian services.

Data privacy

Under no instances or circumstances, is any data stored by Move and Organize (be it corporate, project or personal data) outside of the Jira cloud instance or your browser. Move and Organize works by directly operating from within your Atlassian authenticated browser session communicating directly with Jira.


Move and Organize comes with high performing and robust tree rendering compatible with all common and modern browsers on the market today. Under the hood you find Emergence Software's proprietary tree engine technology - it has been built especially with fast rendering speed, large tree sizes, and an intuitive and seamless user experience in mind.


* Sub-tasks - Follow its parent during hierarchy level changes rather than changing issuetype.

Browser support

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Quick guide

The Quick Guide contain a more comprehensive description of the features and functionality of Move and Organize for Jira.